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Nobody wishes or wishes others to have a disease or even many ailments for many years. For this reason, it is somehow not appropriate to write at this point that "we are happy to welcome you here".

On the other hand however, it is our intention to accompany you or one of your relatives on your way back to health and wholeness with our experience with and wide-ranging knowledge of orthodox and complementary medicine. Therefore, we are glad that you have found us!

Our practice clinic is meant as a centre for "advanced medicine". Advanced medicine is the constructive but not competing interaction of all appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in the field of orthodox and complementary medicine. The way and the aim is to achieve the maximal benefit with the least side and after-effects – for the patients’ good.

For many years a paradigm shift has been propagated and requested by many patients and representatives of medical professions. On a large scale, such a paradigm shift can only take place very slowly due to the complexity of the relationships (social, economic and political aspects). On a small scale however, the change has already taken place: our practice clinic is the best example.

On the following sites you can find comprehensive information on our diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and measures and on our entire offer.

With best wishes,

Dr. Baltin & team

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