Cupping – Detoxification therapy


We all absorb more or less harmful and toxic substances through our food and skin. These substances are deposited in the blood, in our fat cells and above all in our connective tissue and put a permanent strain on the organism. A simple, efficient and above all side-effect free way to detoxify our body and to remove accumulations of harmful substances is the well-known cupping.

The art of cupping has been known for thousands of years in different variations and was already used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, but also by the Chinese and indigenous (Indian) peoples. Even the famous Paracelsus von Hohenheim wrote: “Where nature produces pain, it has accumulated harmful substances and wants to empty them out. If nature is not able to carry out this intention itself, the doctor must make an artificial opening directly at the diseased spot and thus quickly cure pain and illness”.

Cupping causes a thorough detoxification of the body through the skin. Particularly in the case of diseases of the locomotor system, migraine, tension, kidney weakness, high blood pressure, lung problems, rheumatism and inflammations, cupping is an effective means of dissolving and eliminating deposits and thus reactivating the self-healing powers of the organism.

In cupping, the air in the cupping glasses is first heated or extracted by technical measures and then immediately applied directly to the patient’s skin. The resulting negative pressure (vacuum) causes the blood vessels under the skin to dilate and toxins and harmful substances are literally sucked out of the skin. With cupping, a very fast organic relief and a significant reduction of pain can be achieved. This method has also proven to be very effective for highly acute pain.

The variants commonly used today can be divided into the so-called “bloody cupping”, in which tiny incisions are made in the skin before the cupping glasses are attached. This does not hurt and ensures that metabolic waste products are efficiently removed. In addition, the microcirculation of blood and lymphatic fluids is improved and the muscles relax, thus reducing pain in the cupped area. With the so-called “dry cupping” the skin is left in an intact condition. Here the suction cups cause an increased blood circulation, the improvement of the function of the reflex zones, a vegetative functional stimulation and a general energy supply.

Cupping is neither painful nor unpleasant, even though the theoretical description may imply this. On the contrary, patients feel wonderfully relieved and relaxed, especially after cupping, which by the way is mostly performed on the back and legs.