Hormone analysis

Hormone analysis is equally important for women and men

Hormone analysis

Hormones are signal and messenger molecules produced in glands and tissue that control the entire metabolism. Hormone release follows complex regulatory mechanisms at the molecular level in the organism and is dependent on numerous factors. First of all, these include constant influences such as daylight, sleep quantity and quality, our nutritional behaviour and signals from our microbiome (the structure of the microorganisms that live symbiotically with us in the body and perform important services), general well-being or stress. Above all, however, our ageing process plays a decisive role – and this applies equally to women and men!

At a young age, hormone production and distribution run at “full speed”, so to speak. As a rule, i.e. when our hormone balance is basically in order and we are not suffering from an endocrinological disease, we are efficient and agile, resilient and balanced. Nutritional sins and too little sleep are forgiven by our body at first and we do not let our mood be permanently spoiled despite all the hurdles and problems. A few kilos too much we easily counteract with short-term measures and our skin appears fresh and firm. However, depending on our individual constitution, this is slowly but insidiously over. The hormones get out of step or the production of many important hormones decreases more and more.

Whether menopause in women, the climacteric in men or due to other influences: the hormone orchestra must be retuned.

The fact is that too low levels of signal and messenger substances such as estradiol, testosterone, DHEAs or melatonin are the reason why women – often from the mid-forties, usually around the fifties – enter the so-called menopause. The same applies to men, who tend to suppress all the accompanying symptoms such as mood swings, hot flushes, sleep and mood disorders, depression, loss of performance and weight gain, or often do not even know that the male hormone balance is also affected. Few men also know that erectile dysfunction is usually due to a lack of certain hormones. So far, “women” and “menopause” have been the focus of public awareness. There is still a lot of information to be provided! Because: Apart from climacteric complaints, the respective hormone deficiency can lead to numerous complex clinical pictures such as diabetes, thyroid diseases or even cancer.

A hormone analysis therefore serves both as a general health precaution, to balance the hormone balance during and after the menopause (menopausal/climacteric) or as an anti-aging measure for men, and above all to identify unclear symptoms and finally to prevent any diseases that may arise.

In hormone analysis, the hormone status is first examined, whereby the initial analysis profile is different for men and women. In Dr. Baltin’s practice, treatment or countermeasures are then carried out exclusively through the administration of nature-identical hormones, which are produced individually by pharmacies.

It should be emphasized again that a “harmonious hormone orchestra” is indispensable for your health. It is necessary to pay attention to many individual factors and to adjust your own hormone balance carefully and in several steps.